Angry Birds . . .


Angry Birds . . . What can we say about these? They’re very popular as kids (and adults) across the globe have fallen head over heels for Angry Birds. As a result of this popularity, there are all types of licensing opportunities out there. But today, we’re likely to peek at the chance SCS Direct has — in our view we think they came up with a few of the greatest permit of these all — fulfill Angry Birds Stack and Splash Pool Game.

An Intro to Angry Birds

To give you an notion of the prevalence supporting Angry Birds — this really is a game that’s been downloaded more than a billion times and performed a daily basis by 200 million individuals across the world. Obviously, with all those outcomes, it’s something people enjoy.

At this time, there are approximately 12 distinct variations of the match and also at least 3 twist offs that we’re mindful of. Aside from its own video game achievement, Angry Birds has an intriguing cartoon series that began in 2013, a film that came out in May of 2016 plus a comic from IDW. Furthermore, if you’re ever taken a stroll down the toy aisle in Toys R Us, certainly, you’ve noticed all those Angry Bird toys sitting on the shelf. Isn’t this exciting? For those kids, it’s …

SCS Direct has announced their lineup of Angry Birds pool and tub toys such as Super Shooters, Bath Squirters, and our favourite, Stack and Splash Pool Game.

Angry Birds Stack and Splash is a fascinating pool sport that’s going to make its way into several garden BBQ’s, the local pool and swimming parties. In case you’re very serious and need to select the pleasure to an whole new degree, purchase a few sets.


An Extensive Collection of Games You Can Play

At this time, when we place our innovative thinking cap, we could think about a few ways in which you can play with the Angry Birds Stack and Splash swimming sport. To begin with, you are able to knock down the all — the individual that knocks down them with the smallest amount of shots — the individual that knocks them down using the smallest quantity of plain water. See there are an assortment of methods to play with this garden match.


In case you’re trying to bring some excitement into your backyard, if it’s a pool party, BBQ or both and you’ve got small ones, then the Angry Birds Stack and Splash pool sport is a “must have,” particularly for lovers of Angry Birds. With this particular pool game, you can find a lot of distinct games you can play it’s really enjoyable that even some adults might opt to combine the kids and play together with them. No matter who you are, we highly suggest this pool game when you’ve got a swimming pool along with small ones.


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