Barbie 3 Story Dream House: A Little Girl’s Dream Come True

barbie story dreamhous

Barbie 3 Story Dream House: A Little Girl’s Dream Come True, If there’s anything that girls consider fierce, fun and fabulous, it’s Barbie. Let your little girl’s imagination soar to new Barbie 3 Story Dream House heights as she spends hours and hours of countless fun with Barbie and her friends in Barbie’s 3 Story Dream House. The three-foot tall dollhouse comes fully furnished with realistic lights and sounds that sure to make your little girl’s face light up with wonder and excitement.


Various Barbie dollhouses have long invaded and conquered the market. But the latest Barbie Dream House will surely provide little girls with the best excuse for playing house – the luxurious, pink three story home opens up to a grand, winding staircase leading to rooms promising the ultimate in entertainment, with realistic sounds that give pretending a new meaning. Hear the doorbell chime as Barbie’s friends announce their arrival.

Hear the “sizzling” sound of a perfect meal that Barbie has cooked on her state of the art kitchen. Relax while listening to the 2 songs that will play over the house intercom as Barbie finishes dressing up in her posh bedroom complete with a Murphy bed on the third level. Listen as the toilet “flushes” and the lights turn on. Help Barbie as she takes her friends on a tour of her dream house complete with balcony overlooking a great view.

With more than 70 pieces that can be arranged and re-arranged, the third level part of the house can also be removed so your child can take it as a mini-playhouse anywhere she goes. Little details add a very realistic touch to the Barbie Dream House like a rubber duck toy for the bath, a laundry basket, little flowers and railings for the balcony among others. What’s more, the dollhouse closes and folds up for easy transport so little girls will have no problem cleaning up after themselves when playtime is over. All that’s required is three double “AA” and two triple “AAA” batteries and an adult to assemble the Barbie 3 Story Dream House.

Barbie house


Aimed for 4 to 10 year olds, remember to keep small children away while the dollhouse is being assembled, as there are small parts that may be choking hazards. In addition, it is also recommended that all the doors and windows of the dollhouse be securely placed in their slots as they have a tendency to fall off with constant playing.

What Others Are Saying About The Barbie 3 Story Dream House

This Barbie house appears to be right up there with some of the best sellers. Almost all of the reviews I found were very good. On Amazon and consumer site,s there was an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Here are some of the comments:

“She has 3 Barbie type houses now and this one is her favorite because it actually does things! It is a little flimsy because I already broke a small tab off the sliding door when I was setting it up. She has the Kidcraft one with the elevator which is much sturdier and the Step @ Dollhouse but she said this one is the most fun. All the appliance work. I recommend it!”

“We bought this for daughter’s 5th birthday this past weekend and she absolutely loves it!! Lots of extras, you may need a bit more furniture for the house, but its a very nice house, very modern!”

“This is hands down the BEST toy my child has ever received. EVERYDAY since xmas she has played with this for a minimum of two hours. I can’t believe she hasn’t gotten bored yet. We have let her leave it in the living room which is key. She uses it to play with her polly pockets, bratz, barbies. She loves it and I believe she’ll get many more years out of this toy. By the daughter is typically from toy to toy so keeping her attention has been huge!”

“Assembly can be time-consuming and some of the decorative trim pieces require a light touch. However, once I got it together, I haven’t had any problem with it staying together. My 5-year-old daughter LOVES it. She’s been cranking the stairs constantly and they still work fine. “

The Final Word:

With its own brand of interactive fun, Barbie’s 3 Story Dream House with its ensemble of complete accessories and furniture will certainly keep your little girl’s boredom at bay. Not only does it let her explore her own little world of infinitely fantastic possibilities, it also heightens her sense of creativity and imagination. There’s never going to be a dull moment with Barbie around. For years now Barbie has been a part of many little girls’ lives as well as the lives of little girls at heart. Why not check out this latest marvel and watch as your child experiences a playtime like no other, a playtime where dreams come true, courtesy of every little girl’s best friend – Barbie.

Features Of The Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

  • Sound effects including: fireplace, humming in the shower, flushing toilet, doorbell,
  • Luxury bathroom,
  • Pop up flat screen TV,
  • Personal elevator,
  • Over 55 pieces,
  • For children aged 3+,
  • Measurements: 32” x 7” x 30”

What You Need to Know About Barbie 3 Story Dream House: A Little Girls Dream Come True

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Barbie 3 set doll house

Barbie 3 Story Dream House : A Little Girls Dream Come True

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