Bat Bot Extreme


Bat Bot Extreme. Every year, new toys come out in the marketplace which kids (and some adults) can’t wait to receive their hands on. From time to time we see a number of Batman toys emerge and at the moment, we’ve got our eyes Bat Box Extreme. Batman is a favorite fictional superhero which has emerged in American comic books by DC Comics for as long as we could recall.

What’s Bat Bot Xtreme?

Bat Bot Xtreme is the greatest toy made for Batman fans. It’s multiple projectile launchers, extendable wings, a voice changer, a concealed Batcycle and actual punching fists. Kids will have a blast with this Super Hero since they work together with him to defend Gotham City from all sorts of wicked Super-Villain Attacks.

Bat Bot Xtreme stands somewhat over two-feet tall and for this reason, he towers over the poor men of Gotham City. By simply turning the Power Pad, kids can send this robot to an epic conflict, and expand his limbs and wings, preparing him for actions. If they squeeze the cause that’s on the rear of this Batbot, they’ll experience his super-charged punch.

Power Pad and Establish Projectiles

On the robot’s left shoulder there’s’s a Power Saver. Twist his torso will open up, showing a hidden elevator. The elevator may take Batman into the cockpit, where he will subsequently establish a counterattack.

Voice Changer

Kids appear to find a kick from having the ability to modify their voice and we don’t blame them it’s actually cool hearing your voice change into something different. The Batbot Xtreme supplies a exceptional voice changer built in to it. With this trendy voice changer, they could take on those imply Super-Villains once and for all.

Imaginations Soar

Together with creativity, cognitive comes in to play. You see, storytelling and creative drama helps kids develop language abilities — it may also help them develop a love of reading from a young age.


* By turning the electricity pad on the ideal shoulder, battle mode will trigger.
* Throughout conflict mode, kids may use the voice changer for some epic voice impacts.

Decision Batman figure can fit within the elevator, which requires up him into the cockpit.


Taking a look at the attributes, it makes us want to play with the toy and people’re adults! In case you’re a fan of Batman, you’re likely going to have a really difficult time not taking this by your child and playing it yourself. No matter this toy is well worth the buy and we’d recommend this to every Batman fan out there.


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