Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me


Lego Brick Headz Go Brick Me. The point of BrickHeadz is growing, and now, I am here to inform you about the newest called “Move Brick Me.” This is a bit different from others online and also for those of you who don’t enjoy the characters, this 1 right here could be interesting for you to get an assortment of factors.

What’s Lego Brick Headz Move Brick Me?

Lego Brick Heads differs from others online, as you aren’t constructing a particular character from TV. With this collection, you may essentially be placing yourself together (or anyone else that you feel like assembling).

No matter that you or your topic are, if they are red-haired, brown haired, a blond, light skinned, or dark skinned, this place right here comprises all you need so as to reflect yourself.

Proceed Brick Me includes a few directions for three versions, and you may use these instructions to place those versions with each other, or you’ll be able to jump right in and begin building yourself.

In this, this collection includes a total of 708 pieces. 99, and in my own estimation, the cost is well worthwhile. The bits come in seven distinct bags, and every one of these luggage is numbered. I have to confess I love how Lego luggage their bits, since it helps me stay organized since I am putting it together. From the very first bag, you’ve got exactly what you want to construct a white figure that’s displayed on the box, and a few accessories. From the other luggage, there is parts which you may use for constructing your topic.

The Construct

For all those of you who’ve never coped with Brick Heads earlier, I’d stick to the directions which come with the collection so it is possible to find the hang of it before you begin constructing your own. There are in fact enough components to begin on a different figure, as you’ve got the sterile one, which is a thing that I believe is really wonderful.

The hair and the mind of the BrickHeadz would be the principal attributes and you will find a sizable number of components for customization. For my own hair, I decided the faux hawk design, and I have to say, I truly liked the results. For your face, I gave myself a wonderful set of rounded frames. For additional customization, there is more accessories such as a guitar, surfboard, publication, bag, camera, cup, mic, decoration, and wand. Because I like playing the guitar, then I moved to the blades and guitar.


Overall, I think Lego did a fantastic job with Go Brick Me. The cost of the set when compared with the number of components that include it turned out to be a significant surprise for me — there is definitely more than enough here so it is easy to produce your own subject.




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