LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall Set


The LEGO Hogwarts Great Hall Set. Later this year that the 2nd Fantastic Beasts film is published Great Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Ahead of the LEGO are starting a variety of new collections depending on the Harry Potter films with the first two or three sets hitting the shops on August 1st.

There are numerous LEGO Hogwarts sets over the past few years at different price ranges and quality however, from what we have observed of the set so far we’re impressed. The collection will retail at approximately $100 and is made up of 878 pieces. For the cost, it’s a great deal of great attributes and must be a fun construct in addition to good to play. The tower contains 4 degrees.

The real set is based upon the first few Harry Potter films instead of the latter Fantastic Beast series and this can be represented in the 10 mini-figures which include the set.

Considering the mini-figures, we could realize there are a few new molds and also the kid personalities have shorter legs to signify their smaller dimensions. In addition, they have fresh more realistic appearing wands. The redesigned and printing hairstyles for Harry and Hermione must impress Lego and Harry Potter lovers. The entire set includes plenty of new components and a lot of great information.

We have many other Hogwarts characters such as Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell, he includes a turning dual Lord Voldemort face! We also possess Albus Dumbledore and yet another LEGO first with Nearly Headless Nick.

Along with all of the principal characters from other preferred creatures and mythical creatures in the film are included for example Fawkes that the Phoenix who had been Dumbledore’s guardian and animal company. You are able to recreate the famous battle between the Basilisk snake that is also contained within this set.

The real building contained two parts that the fantastic hall and the main tower.

The tower includes the legendary moveable grand staircase, a potions space along with a treasure area. From the turret is that the Mirror of Erised that includes various images in addition to a place for Fawkes to roost.

There are a number of different accessories and decals included for extra detail such as extra wands, a spider along with magical brooms.

A large quantity of detail has gone into this collection and it’s obviously a labour of love from an actual Harry Potter lovers here. LEGO plan on expanding the assortment of both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets but this one plus a Grindelwald’s Escape set is going to probably be the first to be published.


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