Lego Minifigures Series 18 Party


Lego Minifigures series 17 premiered in May 2017. Together with the 40th anniversary of Lego mini-figure, on April 1, Lego Minifigures Series 18 was published. Whenever I learned about the launch, being the leading Lego enthusiast I am, I only had to find out what it was about. In the event the Lego Minifigures Series 18 Party what I expected it to be? Keep on reading to find out …

I observed that the number of mini figures to accumulate has improved. Within this series, you will find a number of 17 in everything you are able to collect — there is one exceptionally rare mini figure which you’re able to get in this particular series, so locating the 17th figure may be challenging.

Birthday Cake Guy — Fundamentally this is a man that’s sporting a fine blue tuxedo that’s highlighted with a yellow bow tie. I noticed that some icing splattered on his chest, and it is a wonderful touch.

Spider Suit Boy — This is a boy that’s dressed in a dark spider suit costume. His face is white as may be and on one side of his face, he’s got a fearful expression, however on the opposite side he’s got a stoic expression. He is sporting green eyeglass frames and contains a grinning expression.

Cowboy Costume Guy — This figure is sporting a wonderful vest with printing on every side. His legs are brownish, which matches with the color of his horse and he’s got a smirky grin on his face.

Flowerpot Girl — This is an intriguing figure — she’s a green chest and vines printed down the center. Her legs are brownish, but she includes a flowerpot which goes on her thighs, and that means that you can not watch them. She’s a pink flower petal piece which goes over her mind.

Race Car Guy — This man has on a white and blue racing match. There is a race car which goes around his waist, and it is a nice additional feature.

Dragon Suit Guy — This is among my favorites. This man is sporting a red dragon match which has black scales on it. Additionally, you have a wing bit to place on his spine.

Birthday Party Girl — This is a young woman that’s observing her Birthday. She is wearing a white blouse with a wonderful lavender colored bow around her chest.

Firework Guy — This man has a major rocker piece which may be put over his torso and head. All around the mold, there is some celebrity printing and that I see the term “Bang” printed on the front. He’s got reddish hands and his chest is gloomy.

Party Clown — This clown is wearing brilliant attire. His chest is printed in purple and orange and his thighs are lime green.

Lego Brick Suit Girl – She’s sporting a 2×3 brick match on her thighs. You are able to link Lego bricks into the trunk. She’s a grinning expression on her face.

Lego Brick Suit Guy — This man looks like the woman, but it is a man personality.

Classic Police Officer — His chest is shameful and there are a number of white buttons onto his badge printed onto it.

Unicorn Guy – This man is light blue in color and has a few celebrity printing onto the front of the chest.

Cat Costume Girl — On her arms and the lower portion of her thighs, there is a white fur published. She’s a teal fish bit as an attachment.

Cactus Girl — This is a woman that’s dressed to a cactus.

Elephant Girl — It is really a grey Minifigure and she’s a bit of white on her thighs and feet. She is sporting a pink ballerina skirt and can be grinning on one side, and terrified on another as a result of brown mouse attachment. Her headpiece is an elephant headpiece and it’s full with a back and giant ears.


Frankly, I really enjoy the legos in this particular series and think each and each of them is well worth gathering. If you are a fan of Legos, this is surely something you are likely to need to search for in the shop.



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