Munchin’ Rex


Munchin’ Rex. If you have kids, then odds are, you’re knowledgeable about the ever so common brand referred to as “FurReal Friends.” Frankly, every time I look at them, I find myself saying “why could not they have toys like this if I was younger?” They might not have had toys like this if we were younger, but now, we’ve got the joys of purchasing those toys for our kids and grandchildren. Together with each of the adorable hunting toys such as kitty cats, bunny rabbits, and pet dogs, shortly, you are likely to locate the Munchin’ Rex.

Never have I believed something like a rex would seem cute, but FurReal Friends made it happen …that they typically do. So, is that this Munchin’ Rex something that your kids will be considering? Let us proceed with this Munchin Rex review and Discover out …

Before I proceed forward and inform you about the adorable little rex, I’d love to offer you a small insight into the business that produced him. FurReal Friends is a toy branch of Hasbro, Dream right Toys, and Tiger Electronics — that the FurReal Friends began popping up around 2002. They’re essentially robotic toys that vary from cats to dinosaurs and also can be found in many different sizes. Though a number of these toys can easily be held at a child’s hands, you will find others that the kid can ride. The cost of those toys vary from $6 to $300 and all of them move in some manner. The firm’s slogan is “My best friends are FurReal Friends.”

If a child is Searching for a best friend That’s a “FurReal Buddy,” then he may be interested in Munchin’ Rex …

Starting out, I am certain you’re curious as to exactly what Munchin’ Rex likes to munch on — that’s the actual question. By what I have discovered, this little guy comes with his own rod of broccoli along with a slice of meat. It is plastic, naturally, but it is fine to feign (it educates children to choose their creativity and operate with it). He also includes his very own small toy jar, since you understand, small baby dinosaurs must get their milk so they can build strong bones also.

What I find really cool about Munchin’ Rex is he’s ready to distinguish the difference between his treats along with his jar.

This little man has over 35 noise and movement combinations, making it much more unique. The detectors can be found on his mind and onto his mouth.


Overall, I feel this little man is something which kids of varying ages will love. While I could see it being a toy which was created for boys (you know, women such as the cuddly looking animals), I am convinced there are a few small girls out there that could find a kick from Munchin’ Rex, so it all depends on exactly what your child enjoys.


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