Pomsies. The toy firm learned that women like to put on pom-poms in their own hair, backpacks and whatever else so that they put out to make something which has been patterned after that fashion. Pomsies includes a very long wired tail which you are able to wrap around your back, wrist, or anything you would like because of this, Pomsies is trendy and wearable and I have to say, it’s a cute little pet that women will love.

Not only is this pet trendy, but in addition, it provides two modes of play. To turn it on, all you need to do is push it is cute little button nose. The 2 modes of play include virtual pet style and freeze dancing style.

To enter freeze dance style, hold down her nose and you’re going to notice a whistle. She’ll begin to play a tune and you’ll have to go together with the beat — she will begin to “meow” quicker and quicker. When she states stop (via a whistle), this means it is time to get started.

On her head, there is a total of three movement detectors. The three detectors are situated on her nose, her mouth and on top of her mind.

About the packaging, there is a “road map” which you may use so as to ascertain exactly what she’s feeling depending on the color of her eyes. By way of an instance, if she is happy, her eyes are going to have a bluish color to them you’ll also notice her purring, which can be just another adorable aspect since it seems like a cat purring. If she purrs, she uttered.

If her eyes turn yellow, this can be a sign that she’s hungry. In this time period, so as to feed her, then you’ll have to rub her mouth.

With Pomsies, there are so many cute things you have to do so as to look after her. Once you spend some time caring for her, then you are going to notice rainbow-colored eyes, which suggests that she’s quite happy and enjoys your focus.


During the summer of 2018, there’ll be a total of six distinct characters coming out, therefore there’ll be a combination of colors and styles to pick from. 99, plus they need 1 triple A battery, so it will be simple to replace. Overall, I feel this could be a fantastic toy for a little woman.


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