Spinmaster: The Boxer Robot


The Boxer Robot has some pretty cool technology attributes, but his character is something which actually stands out from the audience …his character is actually cool. He’s sensors on his sides, making it so he can easily trace your hands while at “follow me” mode.

Along with having the ability to follow along with your hands, he also includes a convenient remote control which will let you treat him. From that point, the user can push him race against your own friends. Yes, I only said racing …around three of those robots are going to have the ability to race together so that the robots are going to have the ability to socialize together.


spinmaster boxer robotspinmaster boxer robot

The bots also have various games which you could play I think there are a total of 10 games. Among those matches involve fighting each other, which is fantastic. There is also a tank sport in which they sort of shoot each other with the trick shots which are on the distant. If a person has hit, it is going to fall over, and it is a sign that it’s been hit.

  • MEET BOXER: It’s the fun & quirky interactive AI robot who delivers big fun! Boxer comes with 10 activity cards (included) to play games like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot or Go Kart, & you can unlock even more games by downloading the Boxer app to your phone!
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: Use the remote control to race Boxer around and do tricks, download the free app to your phone to play new games, or use your hands to interact with him! Boxer is equipped with sensors to follow you & respond to your movements!
  • GREAT GIFT: Boxer makes a great holiday wish list gift for boys and girls ages 6 and up! This lovable Bot can’t wait to become your new sidekick! Includes 10 game activating feature cards, remote control, interactive ball accessory, & USB charging cable
  • BIG PERSONALITY, LITTLE ROBOT: As you play with this clever, lovable robot, you’ll get to know his quirky personality. Boxer displays a full range of emotion, & can follow you around all on his own with no remote. This little bot makes a great sidekick!

It has a sports activation feature card about the card, there are barcodes. Put the card on the table with all the bot facing it, the bot will automatically scan it over and trigger the match on the card.

The small ones will have a kick out of watching him perform some very cool tricks, such as wheelies. If you pick him up and shake him he’ll become really dizzy, which becomes evident when you put down him.


Boxer bot is nice robot toy. The bot can not be programmed . So for nearly 80 bucks that might be tad bit overpriced ( for me at least). But he( i think the bot is a he) is lots of fun .
One can play with Boxer bot in 4 different modes : app,remote,play mode,card scan mode .By default the cute robot is in play mode. One can interact with him in play mode simply by pushing or rolling the bot. The tiny bot is able to interact with help of IR and touch sensors.

The bot moves on the carpet more than okayish. But while turning sides it faces difficulty on the carpet. The remote control mode is fun but I experienced lag sometimes. The bot faced some difficulty when I pressed the remote controller buttons too fast(it may be due to playing on carpet too). The card scan mode is great and new for me. Ten cards are available where we can play 10 different games including bowling, catapult and soccer.

The bot has a card scanner which is activated by pressing the button on his back. The bot scans a card on which he is placed and that game is activated. The app mode is good too. The app is available in the play store.

Here 26 games in total (including the games on the scannable cards) can be played. The app connects with a bot by giving a sound signal (I think I am not sure of technicalities) so we have to increase the volume of phone and place the phone near the microphone of Boxer bot so that he can listen properly. I still face difficulty sometimes where the bot is unable to receive the command/signal through the phone.

The bot itself is super cute. But I am not impressed with the build. He looks fragile and if he is dropped (which happens a lot with kids and also adults like me), the bot might break. The remote is also not made of good material( doesn’t look sturdy) and uses LR44 button cell batteries. The charging cable is too small and is little inconvenient. The bot has no volume control so sometimes I find him a bit loud but just have to go with it.
Overall I like the bot a lot. Ability to play in so many different ways is great. Boxer has enough games and personality to keep anyone engaged for hours. I just hope in future the price reduces or the build quality improves. Overall: I am happy with my Boxer bot.


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