The Boxer Robot


The Boxer Robot has some pretty cool technology attributes, but his character is something which actually stands out from the audience …his character is actually cool. He’s sensors on his sides, making it so he can easily trace your hands while at “follow me” mode.

Along with having the ability to follow along with your hands, he also includes a convenient remote control which will let you treat him. From that point, the user can push him race against your own friends. Yes, I only said racing …around three of those robots are going to have the ability to race together so that the robots are going to have the ability to socialize together.

The bots also have various games which you could play I think there are a total of 10 games. Among those matches involve fighting each other, which is fantastic. There is also a tank sport in which they sort of shoot each other with the trick shots which are on the distant. If a person has hit, it is going to fall over, and it is a sign that it’s been hit.

It has a sports activation feature card about the card, there are barcodes. Put the card on the table with all the bot facing it, the bot will automatically scan it over and trigger the match on the card.

The small ones will have a kick out of watching him perform some very cool tricks, such as wheelies. If you pick him up and shake him he’ll become really dizzy, which becomes evident when you put down him.


Boxer will be launch throughout the autumn of 2018 in the purchase price of $79. 99, that is fairly great considering how cool of a robot he’s.


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