UBTech AstroBot Kit

UBTech Astrobot kit. Have you walked right into a toy shop recently? In this era, you’re likely to discover more STEM packages than a gentleman — actually, there are so many. In reality, it feels like each business had a brand new circuit board or board place to teach kids the joys of creating electronic equipment. Among those robot kits which stood out from the crowd this season was that the UBTech Astrobot kit – that is something which may be built into one of three distinct personalities, then once it’s assembled together, it could be programmed by means of a simple cellular app which you could download. If all this sounds intriguing for you, continue ahead to discover more about the UBTech Astro Bot.

Various Techniques to Construct the Robot

There are various approaches you can constructed the robot. It can be constructed as a treaded robot which appears like Walle, a wheeled vehicle, or even a humanoid-style robot.

Infrared Sensor

The UBTech AstroBot comes with an infrared detector that’s responsible for preventing it from bumping into items as you’re allowing it move around. There’s also a speaker together with a set of 16-color LEGs that will let it show incredible colours and sounds.

Grasp and Boost Items

A feature that actually impressed us was its capacity to grasp and lift things.

Programming the AstroBot

In addition, we couldn’t help but to notice exactly how simple it’s to plan the AstroBot. Together with the program installed on almost any Android or iOS apparatus, you can use what’s named Blockly. Blockly is a development environment which entails dragging cubes around a canvas and placing them together to form specific purposes. If you’d like to acquire more innovative and do some real code, then there’s a button which will present your program written in Swift, and it is a favorite programming language.

AstroBot is the most up-to-date at UBTech’s lineup of kid-friendly robots. Taking a look at the business and seeing what else they’re providing, we find seven different kits they have on the marketplace. One is that the TankBot, yet another is a tread-based robot. All these are fairly cool robots, however when comparing them into the coming AstroBot they don’t have the LED lights or layout flexibility.


Each one the robot kits provided by this firm offer persuasive ways for kids to experience the joys in addition to the frustrations of placing electronics collectively — they teach programming abilities. In our view, we believe that the UBTech AstroBot will probably be worth the cost since it seems super fun.



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