The StikBot Stop Motion Pirate Movie Set


The StikBot Stop Motion Pirate Movie Set. Why is a toy super enjoyable for a young child? This is something which lots people have been requesting for several years. Every year, countless new toys emerge on the market and each year, youngsters have that toy that they simply could’t wait to pull in their lair and play. Now, one which popped up in our heads when we awakened was that the StikBot Stop Motion Pirate Movie Set. Maybe we thought of the toy since we like pirates? Who knows, either way, we determined it’d be a fantastic idea to present our readers for it.

Which Are StickBots?

In case you haven’t ever heard of StikBots earlier, you’re likely somewhat confused about what they are and we have to admit, the title seems a little humorous. For starters, Stikbots are extremely cool toys. Essentially, you may utilize StikBots to picture stop-motion videos which you are able to post on YouTube. If you go around to YouTube right now and then kind in “Stick Bot films,” you’ll run into lots of StikBot stop-motion movies — it seems that kids throughout the internet have found StikBots.

In case you experience an Android or iOS apparatus, you can present the bendy small Stikbot celebrities and generate a stop-motion movie which you may share with every one your buddies. An adult will have to download the free mobile program that’s available. Together with the StikBots, both kids and adults alike may have a great deal of fun with producing stop-motion videos (yes, you’ll also find adults submitting stop-motion movies on YouTube).

Stikbots are posable — you can create them present differently, based on the film you’d love to take. Essentially, you can form them yet you require. These men have a face (a number of those StikBots have faces which erase, and it can be a con, but that can easily be repaired by simply taking a sharpie and drawing on your head on there). They have very little suction cups which are responsible for assisting them stand up, so as soon as you get the StikBot set up, you don’t need to think about it slipping over provided that the suction cups are still functioning correctly for you.

Anything is Possible

Together with the Stikbot Stop Motion Pirate picture series, you can essentially create any pirate atmosphere you are able to stew up on your head — battle your way through the boat, fencing as you stroll or move where your creativity takes you.


Overall, from what we seen, the StikBot Stop Motion Pirate Movie collection will be a huge hit among the ones which have a passion for pirates. Just imagine all the exciting stop-motion videos you’ll have the ability to produce with this collection.


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